The “Rhytmus” features horizontal graining on the main body of the door with a 6″ vertical portion sketched into the face on the lock stile. Standard in Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry.)

Rhytmus is the name of a Piet Mondrian painting. The rectilinear designs of these doors and their European heritage combined to suggest naming the models within the collection after Mondrian works of art. Rhytmus is the artist’s version of the German word for rhythym.

Vertical grain 6″ lock stile, opposing horizontal center veneer.

All woods are a natural material with varying colors and grain patterns, even in veneers taken from the same tree. The appearance of the finished doors will vary due to these characteristics.

Laminated Matching Hardwood Edge allows for up to 1/4″ additional trim after manufacturing.

Pair Matching unavailable due to slight variations with inlay width and location.