Grey Tree


“Grey Tree” models feature reconstituted veneers made of species that are abundant, fast-growing and secure. These environmentally preferable natural veneers have been processed and dyed to closely resemble the wood grains of popular species – species, which, in many cases are threatened or excessively expensive. Because the color is produced with a water-based dye, staining the veneers can cause a loss of the grain and/or pattern effect – so recon veneers may be clear finished only. (Some variations can accept light stains, but make sure you test your finishes before applying.)

Grey Tree veneers are manufactured using two different species:

Ayous: (Triplochiton Scleroxylon) also know as Obeche or Samba. It remains abundant and is secure throughout its natural growth range, with little to no threat to its population. This fiber is also available FSC® certified.

Basswood: (Tilia) also known as Linden. Harvested in China, this fiber source is a close relative to Basswood found in North America and Europe.

Reconstituted Veneer – Colored Plantation Grown Softwood Veneers made to resemble popular exotic wood grains.

All woods are a natural material with varying colors and grain patterns, even in veneers taken from the same tree. The appearance of the finished doors will vary due to these characteristics.

Matching Veneered Edges – pre-fit and bevel by LDI.

Pair Matching unavailable due to slight variations with inlay width and location.