Vista Grande

Vista Grande by Masonite

Released in June 2014, the Vista Grande collection by Masonite is one of our favourite new collections. It’s simplicity creates a modern and elegant look. It is especially beautiful when used to show off outdoor views.

Bring the
Outdoors In

Styles Available

  • Clear Glass
  • Textured Glass
  • SDL
  • Internal Grids
  • Craftsman Style
  • Mini Blinds
  • Centennial Glass
Clear Glass

Brighten up spaces with the Vista Grade clear glass option. With up to 18% wider viewing area over traditional glass inserts, it is easier than ever to let the outdoors in.

Textured Glass

VistaGrande textured glass options harness the beauty of natural light without sacrificing privacy. Available in Chord, Pear and Satin Etch glass, these dynamic textures add visual interest to any room.

SDL Options

There are many SDL options available that allow you the ability to create a distinct glass design that complements your space.

Internal Grids

Add internal grids to VistaGrande clear glass options for a seamless, custom appearance. Available in a comprehensive assortment of design styles and colours, it is easy to achieve your desired look.

Craftsman Style

Capture the beauty of Craftsman architecture with VistaGrande SDL and integral grids that evoke the clean lines of this time-honoured design movement.

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Merge the Indoors and Outdoors

Brighten up spaces with VistaGrande doors. VistaGrande offers a wider viewing area and cleaner appearance over traditional glass inserts, while also being versatile with the various customization options.

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